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A detailed description, film and disk, will help your doctor correctly and quickly determine further treatment tactics

CT Orbit

CT of the orbits is a reliable informative diagnosis of the eye orbits, optic nerve and retina using x-rays. The procedure allows you to "see" almost all the pathological changes that occur in the eyes, as well as the blood supply to all parts of the eyes. On a three-dimensional layer...


CT scan of the chest

CT of the organs of the chest cavity is an X-ray slice examination, which allows layer-by-layer viewing of organs, tissues, structures. The result is three-dimensional images of organs from all angles, making it possible to accurately diagnose cardiac, pulmonary, bronchial, vascular abnormalities, pathologies and diseases.



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Here you can find interesting and useful information. regarding types and methods of examination



What is the difference and which method of examination will help you


CT, examination and preparation

What is important to know and how to prepare for this diagnosis


After examination

What doctors recommend after CT and MRI. What is better to eat and what is not worth it


CT diagnostics

Why is this method so popular and in demand by doctors clinicians


About us

Meet: we are a company engaged in computer research of all organs and systems of the human body.

The examination is conducted on advanced tomographic equipment of a premium class.

The 128-slice tomograph allows ultra-fast and accurate scanning of the body, with minimal interference, with minimal radiation exposure, with comfort for the client, and in just a few minutes.

Computed tomography around the world is considered the leading method for the diagnosis of many diseases.

Here you can conduct an oncoscreen to detect neoplasms at an early stage, and examine the entire body, or any one problem part, area. CT makes organs practically visible.

We explore:

  • • мbrain and skull;
  • • paranasal sinuses;
  • • soft tissue of the neck;
  • • spine;
  • • organs of the chest and abdominal cavities;
  • • pelvic and genitourinary organs;
  • • limbs and joints;
  • • perform angiography of the renal arteries.


Timely high-quality diagnosis is the key to successful treatment

Our advantages include:

  • • individual approach and the most attentive attitude to each patient;
  • • high quality images;
  • • speed of the procedure;
  • •the lowest possible dose of radiation;
  • • the possibility of angiography of arteries and blood vessels;
  • •certified medical experts who decipher the results and encircle them in paper or electronic format within 30 minutes;
  • • intravenous administration of a contrast agent to obtain a clearer image. An anesthetist is present.

We want to help our patients, and we do it at the highest level.


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