Recovery after CT   How to recover quickly after a CT procedure Dear customers of our CT room! We are glad that you chose us to be examined, and we will do our best to make you feel comfortable with us. Be sure that the procedure will be painless, quick and successful. You already know how to prepare for it: do not take food for at least three hours, dress as comfortably as possible, remove all the metal from yourself and just trust us. We have high professionals who love you and therefore are ready to do everything at the highest level. And now a few words about the “harmfulness” of a CT scan and how to recover from it as quickly as possible. About CT Computed tomography is an advanced x-ray that we have all known since childhood (images of teeth, broken bones, for example, or mandatory fluorography). All these measures, like CT, suggest a completely negligible x-ray exposure, which still scares our patients with its consequences. Believe that during the CT session (and this is only a few minutes) you will receive a small dose that is not able to harm you. In ordinary life, for a certain time, we receive even large doses. In addition, we have the most advanced Japanese premium tomograph, which is as accurately as possible calculated for each patient “its safe dose.” Life mode after CT But, taking care of you, accept some recommendations for prevention after x-ray irradiation, and help in removing contrast from the body:
  1. 1. Drink plenty of water and consume liquid food for the quickest removal of a bolus (contrast) from the body;
  2. 2. Correctly, eat rationally with the introduction of products such as:
  3. • milk and dairy products;
  4. • juices;
  5. • Uzvar (decoctions of dried fruits: prunes, dried apricots, raisins);
  6. • sea fish and seafood;
  7. • products containing the natural antioxidant Selenium (quail eggs, legumes, rice);
  8. • honey and bee pollen;
  9. • foods high in carotene (carrots, tomatoes, apricots, sea buckthorn);
  10. • nuts;
  11. • citrus fruits: oranges, tangerines, grapefruits;
  12. • beets that increase hemoglobin.
When we answer the question whether strong alcohol will help to remove radiation, we will unequivocally and categorically answer: no, such drinks will only “more evenly” distribute radiation throughout the body. But dry red wine is quite acceptable, and even benefit. Summary Do not be afraid of the CT procedure, because you are conducting a study for your health. Just take care of yourself according to the recommendations above. To the question whether it is possible to become pregnant after a CT scan, we answer: categorically YES! With love to you, the staff of the Company