Have a CT scan in Kiev How does CT scan go? CT is referred to as computed tomography, and is known worldwide as one of the most effective methods of diagnosis, allowing to obtain the most accurate images of all organs, systems, bones, tissues of the human body. Our CT scanner uses a 128-section imaging scanner to diagnose, painless, ultra-fast, and ultra-accurate body scanning. The CT scanner uses X-rays and looks like a horizontal table with a frame. State-of-the-art diagnostic equipment provides minimal interference and minimal radiation load. The procedure is comfortable for the client. The image is analyzed by a radiologist, and the results – the correct diagnosis is recorded in the diagnostic Conclusion. Make CT in Kyiv What you can explore in our office. Here you can examine the following areas of your body:
  1. • brain;
  2. • facial skull;
  3. • eyes and eye orbits;
  4. • paranasal sinuses;
  5. • soft tissue of the neck;
  6. • spine;
  7. • joints;
  8. • limbs, as well as organs:
  9. • chest cavity;
  10. • lungs;
  11. • abdominal cavity;
  12. • retroperitoneal space;
  13. • small pelvis;
  14. • genitourinary system.
Sign up for CT in Kiev The device allows for angiography of the renal arteries and oncoscreening (examination for the presence of neoplasms). How does the CT procedure go? The study should be carried out on an empty stomach, in comfortable clothes without any metal parts.
  1. 1. You are conveniently placed (on your back, stomach, or on your side) on the apparatus table, and a simple but effective diagnostic procedure begins. The frame with the x-ray tube and sensors will rotate above the table, which will move horizontally.
  2. 2. It is necessary to observe complete immobility, so before you start moving the frame you will be asked to hold your breath.
  3. 3. Only you are in the office.
  4. 4. Communication with you is supported through a special speaker device.
  5. 5. It may be necessary to introduce a contrast medium. The procedure is performed in the presence of an anesthetist.
  6. 6. The diagnostic session will last only a few minutes.
  7. 7. The results in the form of a paper or electronic Report will be ready within an hour.
How long to wait for the results. An experienced radiologist will examine, analyze and give an opinion on the images obtained on a computer monitor. The duration of the decryption depends on how many pictures were taken, and which organs and parts of the body. In the absence of any pathologies, the Conclusion will be ready for a maximum of one hour.