Do CT neck in Kiev CT of soft tissues and organs of the neck

Computed tomography of the neck is a safe, non-invasive, as informative study of the soft tissues of the head, larynx, neck. On a three-dimensional image: layered sections of soft tissues, muscles, organs, bones of the studied area.

Time: from 5 to 20 minutes (with contrast)

Preliminary preparation: it is not necessary if contrast medium administration is not shown Contraindications: not available Restrictions: iodine allergy, young children, pregnancy, body weight over 150 kg Conclusions issued within an hour The price of CT of the cervical vertebrae is 1000 UAH without a bolus and 2400 with a bolus.

The purpose of CT diagnostics of soft tissues of the neck

CT allows you to:
  1. • to study the condition and structure of the neck, as well as organs located in this area (larynx, esophagus, trachea, thyroid gland, lymph nodes);
  2. • to identify inflammation and neoplasms of the interorgan areas, as well as bones and these organs;
  3. •determine the localization of tumors and their structure;
  4. • identify developmental abnormalities;
  5. • identify pathologies of the walls of the esophagus, nodules in the thyroid gland, enlarged lymph nodes;
  6. • examine the cartilage of the larynx for destructive processes;
  7. • detect salivary gland stones;
  8. • detect traumatic effects, foreign bodies;
CT neck Diagnostic results are used by a surgeon, oncologist, endocrinologist, traumatologist.

Indications for CT scan of soft tissues of the neck

CT neck is prescribed for:
  • • injuries and injuries of the neck;
  • • inflammations;
  • • anomalies;
  • • the presence of neoplasms in the larynx, thyroid gland, esophagus;
  • • pathologies in the organs of the neck, thyroid gland, lymph nodes, cervical vessels;
  • • salivary stone disease;
  • • diverticulum of the esophagus;
  • • atherosclerosis, aneurysms.
Indications for CT of the cervical vertebrae CT of the soft tissues of the neck allows you to track the dynamics of postoperative and post chemotherapy treatment of neck organs. How is the CT scan of the soft tissues of the neck The patient lies on the mobile table of the tomograph. The head is fixed in a fixed position. The patient is left alone in the office. Communication with the doctor occurs through the speakerphone. The scanner begins to rotate around the investigated area, crackling and ringing are heard. The patient is asked to hold their breath. All information received is collected on a computer, the result is displayed on the monitor in the form of layered slices of the studied area. The patient does not experience any discomfort or pain.

The introduction of a contrast medium (bolus)

There are cases in which CT is prescribed with an iodine-containing substance that improves the visibility of the desired structures and tissues of the studied area. The bolus allows you to most accurately localize the disease, neoplasm, and diagnose vascular pathologies. An intravenous injection is performed by an anesthetist. Contrast is excreted within 24 hours. Indications for bolus administration:
  • • presence of neoplasms
  • • pathology of organs;
  • • analysis of the state of soft tissues and organs of the neck after operations, chemotherapy, radiation
Do CT neck in Kiev Allergic patients should report this to the doctor in the CT room.

Contraindications for bolus administration

  1. • allergic to iodine;
  2. • asthmatics during an exacerbation;
  3. • women “in position” and nursing mothers.How to prepare for a CT scan of the soft tissues of the neck
During the CT procedure without the introduction of a bolus, preparation is not required. If a bolus is to be administered, you need to eat nothing 6 hours before the session. It is necessary to dress in comfortable clothes, remove all metal from yourself.

What are the risks of having a soft CT scan of the neck?

The CT procedure does not pose any risk to the patient’s health. Our office is equipped with the most advanced equipment providing a minimum dose of radiation. A man in two years of life receives the same dose of radiation. In order not to harm the unborn child, the woman, before starting the CT scan, is obliged to inform her doctor of her “interesting condition”, pregnancy. Special precautions will be taken.

Getting Results

The resulting images of the neck are studied and described by a radiologist. Our CT-cabinet has a program for automatic image quality control. Timely highly informative diagnosis of the neck allows at the initial stage to identify diseases, neoplasms, pathological processes that occur in organs. The procedure helps to make the diagnosis as accurately as possible, which means that it is correct to draw up a treatment regimen and begin therapy.