Do CT joints in Kiev

CT joints

Computed tomography of the joints and limbs is a fast, high-precision, painless diagnostic procedure using x-rays. Result: volume layered images of bone structures and soft tissues of joints in all projections. Time: from 5 to 20 minutes (with contrast) Preliminary preparation: not required. Presence of contraindications: no; Presence of restrictions: allergy to iodine; children under 14 years of age; pregnancy; The cost of CT joints in Kiev: UAH 1000 for one joint, UAH 1900 for two joints.

The purpose of CT diagnostics of joints

Detection of structural deviations in the joints, damage, inflammation, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, neoplasms. Indications for CT joints
  1. 1. Pain in the arms and legs.
  2. 2. Difficulties in movement.
  3. 3. Injuries to the limbs.
  4. 4. Suspicion of the presence of cancer in the joint.
  5. 5. Upcoming surgery.
  6. 6. Postoperative condition monitoring.
  7. 7. Arthrosis, hemarthrosis, arthritis, bone inflammation.
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How is the CT scan of the joints

The patient is placed on a mobile table in a position that depends on the joint being examined: elbow, knee, wrist, hip. In the office, the patient is alone. Communication with the doctor occurs through the speakerphone. The table starts moving towards the tomograph, the scanner rotates around the joint being examined, taking transverse images. You should lie calmly, without the slightest movement. The patient does not experience any anxiety or discomfort. The received pictures are sent to a computer, processed by the program, and displayed on a screen in a three-dimensional image.

The introduction of a contrast medium (bolus)

Contrast is prescribed in order to study the state of vessels located in the joint, neoplasms of the smallest sizes, blood clots and other articular pathologies. The bolus is injected into the vein by an anesthetist. The patient may feel fever, nausea, taste in the mouth. An iodine-containing drug is excreted from the body during the day. CT of the joints with a bolus

Indications for bolus administration:

  1. • suspicion of oncology;
  2. • determine the malignancy of the tumor;
  3. • track the processes occurring in the vessels;
  4. • determine the condition of the artery in case of damage to the hip joints.

Contraindications for the introduction of contrast

  1. • allergy to iodine;
  2. • severe kidney disease;
  3. • pregnancy;
  4. • lactation period.
Indications for CT joints What are the risks of having CT joints The examination procedure on a computed tomograph is safe for the health of the patient. Our office is equipped with modern equipment providing a minimum dose of radiation.

How to prepare for CT joints

There are no special requirements for the preparation of CT joints. In case of contrasting, a few days before the procedure, you should adhere to a diet, and 6 hours before the session – stop eating. For examination, you need to dress comfortably, remove all metal-containing objects.

Obtaining and decoding the results of CT joints

Having received images of the joints in all projections, the radiologist will study, analyze and describe them in the Diagnostic Report. The patient is issued a conclusion and digital copies of the pictures, on the basis of which the attending physician makes a decision on treatment.