CT scan of the brain in Kiev

CT scan of the brain

Brain CT is a diagnosis of an organ using X-rays. The procedure allows you to “see” virtually all pathological changes occurring in the brain. The image shows: cranial bones, soft tissue structures in the head, brain membranes, vessels, paranasal sinuses. Time: from 5 to 30 minutes (with contrast) Preliminary preparation: needed Presence of contraindications: no Presence of restrictions: allergic reaction to contrast, infants, pregnancy, weight more than 160 kg Preparation time of conclusion: 30-50 minutes. The price of CT of a brain in Kiev – from 1000 hryvnias.

The purpose of CT scan of the brain

  1. 1. Visualization of any inflammation of the brain and possible neoplasms in it.
  2. 2. Identification of foci of injuries;
  3. 3. Identification of pathologies of the blood circulation of the brain.
  4. 4. Finding anomalies of organ structure.
  5. 5. Analysis of the effectiveness of brain therapy, postoperative and after chemotherapeutic conditions.

Indications for brain CT:

  1. 1. Stroke and pre-stroke condition.
  2. 2. Head injuries and injuries.
  3. 3. Complaints of the patient on:
  4. • persistent headaches and dizziness;
  5. • live tinnitus;
  6. • Fainting and fainting conditions;
  7. • impaired hearing and vision.

Risk factors for brain tumor development:

  1. • heredity;
  2. • radiation, chemicals, poisons and toxins in the environment;
  3. • overweight;
  4. • certain types of viruses;
  5. • excessive amount of sunburn for a long time;
  6. • age.

How the brain CT scan procedure goes

The patient is placed on the mobile table of the tomograph, fixed head in a stationary state. Only the patient is in the office. Communication with the doctor occurs through a feedback device. The table starts the movement, the device starts: the frame with the X-ray beam and sensors moves in a circle, scanning the brain from all angles. All information received is collected on a computer. Layered, horizontal slices of the brain are visible on the monitor. The patient does not experience any discomfort or pain. Introduction of contrast agent (bolus) There may be cases where a CT scan of the brain with intravenous contrast injection, a substance made using iodine dye, is prescribed. Bolus, penetrating well into pathological foci (inflammation, malignant neoplasms), improves the “visibility” of individual parts, structures and tissues of the organ (brain), allows to determine the exact location of the disease. Contrast throughout the day is completely eliminated from the body.

Indications for bolus administration:

  1. • Symptoms of having a tumor.
  2. • Inflammation of the brain (encephalitis, arachnoiditis, meningitis);
  3. • Analysis of brain conditions after surgery, chemotherapy, irradiation.
Allergy sufferers should report this prior to initiating a contrast CT scan.

Contraindications for the introduction of contrast

The introduction of a bolus is contraindicated in the following categories of patients:
  1. • allergies to contrast drugs;
  2. • asthmatics during exacerbation;
  3. • Women in position and breastfeeding mothers.

What are the risks of having a brain CT scan?

The CT examination procedure does not entail any threat to the patient’s health. Our office is equipped with the most advanced equipment, providing the minimum dose of radiation. A person receives the same dose of radiation for two years. In order not to harm the future child, the woman is obliged to inform her doctor of her “interesting state”, pregnancy, before the CT. Special precautions will be taken.

How to prepare for brain CT

Before the brain CT procedure, the patient should refrain from eating 3-6 hours before the session (depending on whether contrast is required). It is necessary to remove all metal, including glasses, hair clips, dentures, etc.

Getting results

After the procedure, the radiologist examines, analyzes and describes the images obtained. The patient receives on the hands: digital copies of the pictures, their description by a radiologist with a signature and a seal. Our CT office has an automatic image quality control program. Remember, timely diagnosis of the brain is sometimes a chance to stay alive (after suffering injuries and diseases), as well as the ability to prevent the onset and development of serious illnesses.