CT scan of the neck in Kiev

CT scan of the cervical, thoracic, lumbosacral spine

As a result of CT examination, three-dimensional, three-dimensional images of the studied parts of the spine in all projections are displayed on the screen. This makes it possible to obtain a complete, accurate and detailed picture of their condition. Time: from 15 to 30 minutes (with contrast) Preliminary preparation: needed Presence of contraindications: no. The presence of restrictions during the examination with contrasting: allergy to iodine, diabetes mellitus, severe asthma, children under 14 years old, women “in position”, lactation, weight more than 150 kg. Preparation of the conclusion: up to an hour.

The purpose of CT scan of the spine

Detect damage (fractures, vertebral displacements), abnormalities, inflammation, hemorrhage, neoplasms. CT price of the entire spine: 2400 hryvnia.

Indications for CT scan of the spine

  1. 1. Pain in the back and legs of unknown origin.
  2. 2. Loss of sensitivity, limited mobility in the back and legs.
  3. 3. Injuries to the spine.
  4. 4. Before surgery.
  5. 5. Tracking status after operations.
  6. 6. Suspicion of damage to the spine, displacement of the vertebrae, intervertebral hernia.
  7. 7. Identification or confirmation of inflammation, tumors and metastases.

How is the CT scan of the spine

The patient is placed on the table of the tomograph on his back. You cannot move during the examination. The patient is left alone in the office. Communication with the doctor occurs via intercom. The table moves forward, the frame with x-rays and sensors rotates around the spine. From time to time, a request “do not breathe” sounds. Features of CT of the cervical vertebrae

The introduction of a contrast medium (bolus)

In order to obtain more informative images, an intravenous administration of an iodine-containing bolus is prescribed. Such unpleasant sensations as nausea, fever, taste in the mouth are possible.

Indications for bolus administration:

  1. • detection of neoplasms in the early stages;
  2. • metastasis detection;
  3. • a detailed study of the state of blood vessels.

What are the risks of having a CT scan of the spine?

CT scans are not an invasive, safe diagnostic method. Our office is equipped with modern equipment that provides a minimum dose of radiation. Women “in position” should be told about their condition to the doctor so that special precautions are taken.

How to prepare for a CT scan of the spine

A study of the lumbar spine and using a bolus is carried out on an empty stomach (stop eating 6 hours before the session). The procedure should be dressed in loose, comfortable clothes without metal parts. The patient takes off his metal jewelry, is exempted from metal-containing accessories.

Getting Results

The Diagnostic Report is drawn up by a radiologist after a thorough examination of the images. The patient is given digital copies of the pictures, their description. CT scan of the spine will make it possible to make the correct diagnosis and determine the effective treatment.