Article author: Mayboroda A.A. What contrast shows with MRI Today, such a diagnostic method as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is considered one of the most informative, high-precision, effective from the point of view of visualization of organs and tissues. Often, especially if cancer is suspected, doctors can prescribe an MRI scan using a contrast agent. The purpose of this procedure is to obtain the most detailed image of the desired area, to identify a possible neoplasm, its structure and borders. Consider the importance and safety of contrasting. To dispel doubts and understandable concerns about such appointments.

The important purpose of contrast

A highly informative scanning procedure (MRI with contrasting) is not invasive and absolutely safe for human health, since drugs are used for intravenous administration, the main component of which is non-dangerous gadolinium. When examining the digestive tract, substances can be administered orally. Data contrast drugs:
  1. – do not have toxicity;
  2. – do not cause allergies;
  3. – have no side effects.
Having got into the blood, a staining contrast medium, having reached the test site, as if secreting it. Since the affected areas accumulate the dye more strongly, they are better visualized in the pictures.

What reveals MRI with contrast

MRI with intravenous administration of a contrast medium allows you to diagnose:
  1. – resizing and lesions of internal organs;
  2. – the presence of tumors, determine their size, location, nature (good or malignant);
  3. – the presence of metastasis, as well as the extent of the spread of metastases;
  4. – the presence of cysts;
  5. – congestive bile and places where it accumulated;
  6. – many types of infections and inflammatory processes;
  7. – hernias, including intervertebral;
  8. – multiple sclerosis and the activity of its development;
  9. – scars after operations.

Contraindications for MRI with contrast

MRI with contrast may not be suitable for people:
  1. – sensitive to the components of the drug (allergies);
  2. – with a diagnosis of acute renal and liver failure;
  3. – suffering from epilepsy;
  4. – suffering from bronchial asthma;
  5. – pregnant women;
  6. – to nursing mothers.
MRI with contrast requires prior preparation.


Thus, the use of contrast in an MRI scan is not harmful to human health. Contrast Agent:
  1. – easily and quickly reaches the examination site with blood;
  2. – does not cause side effects;
  3. – easily tolerated by patients;
  4. – has a minimum of contraindications;
  5. – quickly excreted by the kidneys.
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