Author of the article: Turevsky IM Vitamin Supplements: What Is The Danger And Who Can Benefit? Recent research by leading scientists has shown that vitamin supplements are harmful to our health and even shorten life expectancy. Particular attention should be paid to women who are pregnant. They can have a dangerous complication – preeclampsia, in which there is high blood pressure. Now regarding folic acid, so advertised in the current media. The substance, according to recent data, alters genes, makes future generations vulnerable to dangerous diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. And vitamin C, presented as an antioxidant, damages the genetic material, doing more harm than good, according to the study. By taking antioxidants, we destroy free radicals, damaging important defense mechanisms. Collins, as a supporter of a healthy lifestyle, eating vegetables and fruits, considers it the best way to protect the body from all kinds of diseases. He states that “there is no need to add pills to the diet.”

Vitamin supplements can be taken during certain periods of life, such as:

  1. – during pregnancy;
  2. – at reproductive age (iron);
  3. – children with poor appetite;
  4. – the elderly for better absorption of nutrients;
  5. – people who follow a vegetarian lifestyle;
  6. – to some categories.
And in general, taking vitamin and mineral supplements is a waste of money. That’s what the experts came to, after analyzing a lot of research. You just need to eat full, eat fresh, seasonal, not greenhouse vegetables and fruits, and preferably in the region where you reside, not to consume vitamin supplements while enriching pharmaceutical companies. Eat raw or lightly cooked fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meat. You should not eat fast food (all kinds of burgers and cheeseburgers) and soft drinks from the famous fast food chains. They bring nothing to our body except saturation. Good health to you!